What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate your skin. Using a tiny, pen-like device with fine needles, Doctor creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. In other words, it promotes active skin renewal, encouraging the body to firm and tighten the skin around these “micro-injuries”. Other amazing results include a reduction in scars (especially acne scars), pore size, and stretch marks.

This process is similar to fractional lasers and radio-frequency devices, but much more comfortable. Heat from lasers can be uncomfortable for some, and can potentially flare up conditions like melasma, rosacea, and can cause uneven darkening in skin of color.

What Can It Do For Your Skin?

​Reduce and smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the face

With just a few sessions of microneedling, there will be a noticeable reduction in fine lines, crows feet, smile lines, and deep wrinkles in the forehead.

Repair acne scars


According to a 2009 study on the effects of microneedling on scars, particularly acne scars. Nearly 100% of participants reported a significant improvement in the visibility of scars. While lasers can be equally effective in treating acne scars, many patients prefer microneedling because it’s less painful and has less downtime.

Reverse pigmentation and sun damage

Microneedling can be used for more than just wrinkles. Collagen is arguably the most vital way to improve the look of our skin, and microneedling is specifically designed to stimulate collagen growth. By stimulating this growth it’s possible to reduce sun damage and discoloration, including hyperpigmentation that comes with melasma.

Reduce the signs of aging

As we age our skin produces less collagen, which can result in sagging skin. ​In addition to smoothing fine lines and deeper wrinkles. This process can also tighten loose skin by encouraging the production of collagen in treated areas. Finally making it perfect for older men and women.

Supercharge your skin care products

According to studies, only about 4-8% of our skin care products actually penetrate the skin.  Microneedling creates thousands of small punctures in treated areas. It dramatically improves the absorption rate of our expensive lotions and serums, making them exponentially more effective.

Shrink pores

Although microneedling creates thousands of micro punctures in treated areas, it can actually reduce the size of your pores. As the skin is healing and producing more collagen around the pores, the skin plumps and visibly reduces pore size.

The potential applications of microneedling are vast, and as physicians study this new technique, patients are reaping the benefits of effective skin renewal with no down time.